What we provides

What we provide in the EV platform business

  • Project plan documents
  • Project scheduling and progress management
  • Project reports
  • Regular progress meetings
  • Prototypes (components and parts, etc.)
  • Concept cars (from design to production)
  • PR/Marketing plan documents
  • PR/ Marketing scheduling and progress management
  • PR/Marketing reports
  • Supports for release
  • Supports for exhibitions

Important intangible assets we provide in this service

  • Knowledge of and know-how about automobiles as a hardware
  • Knowledge of and know-how about software
  • Knowledge of and know-how of automobile development and design
  • Experience in auto component development

GLM allows failed attempts at a project process as long as we achieve high-quality deliverables in the end. Even if there is a failure, we will try our best to achieve a successful result. So, we value realizations and insight gained through a trial and error and the process of developing a new product.