Engineering Sevice

GLM is an “EV manufacturer” which specializes in the development of EVs (electric vehicles) founded in 2010. We have engaged in various businesses including the “Tommykaira ZZ”, our first two-seater sports EV model, concept cars for companies that are planning to launch into the EV business or to expand their existing EV business, and prototype EVs for the development and verification of new technologies.

As an OEM (automobile manufacturer), we have accumulated expertise and know-how of EVs through various vehicle development. Our expertise and know-how are divided into (1) EV-specific and (2) automobiles in general. (1) EV-specific field is about what is not found on “vehicles with engines” such as batteries, motors, and systems that control them. The field of (2) automobiles in general is about legal requirements and technical standards necessary to market a finished vehicle. We have acquired this know-how by overcoming every issue we faced one by one. As shown specifically on another page, those requirements include not only designs of the vehicles, but also “requirements necessary to build a vehicle,” such as for assembly, for product quality, and for cost. In addition to that “requirements for certification”, which makes a finished car a road-going vehicle is included.

What is necessary for your products to be adopted by OEMs? Is it a product with higher performance than that of your competitors’ products? Or is it a lower cost? Or is it a stable supply? Or a track record of your existing vehicle businesses is required. These requirements are held by OEMs in the form of “requirements specification”, and in general, they are not disclosed to suppliers (parts manufacturers).

As an OEM, GLM will make those “requirements specifications” clear with the clients of our engineering service to support their optimization of development and design along with those requirements specifications.

※The chassis built with a powertrain, vehicle control unit, etc. We can provide each module respectively. “The second-generation EV platform” applicable to multiple models including ADAS is now under development.