Spawning an unprecedented experience.
Giving up before you start or imagining unforseeable barriers is a miss of opportunity. Our goal is the creation of a fluid and open world. GLM's outputs are designed with the idea to free the exisitng rigid perception and surprise the world that such idea could be realizable. Partnering with GLM frees a range of organizations and projects from restrictions and ushers in the new. That is what GLM strives to be -- innovators. Through offering life changing experiences and projects, GLM endeavors to pursuit exhilirating future for the next generation. GLM promises to operate under one principle; Where unfathomable is possible.

Charging Forward

Confidence in our goal.
When GLM took on the bold dream of developing an electric sports car, we received words of caution from many: "that's a pipe dream." From the point of view of today's automobile manufacturing, the idea was impossible. However, as members of the auto industry came to our plant to see our different approach for development, even our most strident critics were pleased with what they saw. We took an empty slate approach to developing the specifications of the vehicle and taking steady step one at a time. Our team of experienced engineers continued clearing hurdles. Our passion and zeal channeled our commitment and confidence in our goal. We transformed our detractors' comment of a "pipe dream" into a sure thing, a guaranteed success. What started from nothing went on to obtain certification from the Ministry of Transportation in Japan, which was a vindication that we took a right path.


The power of the GLM constituancy
GLM has taken an open approach to team-building, bringing together the different talents and strengths. Through the process of developing sports EV "ZZ" EV sports car, we built a network of direct alliances with over 100 first-class technology partners. This alliance is one of the strongest assets for GLM and it is keep growing and forging new partnerships, a conduit for creation. GLM has created the environment to to the creation of new industry and This exciting journey is only just getting started --

GLM Pillars

GLM is showcasing new value through our own line of vehicles
and providing our expertise to third parties.
We are creating a platform for the creation of a range of products and services.

The GLM Cars

The GLM Cars

In 2014, seeking to develop an electric car that not only contributes to the creation of a low-carbon society but provides an exciting drive and feel to the driver, GLM launched the "ZZ". Through the development of this vehicle, GLM managed to create the GLM ecosystem, a series of first-class direct partnerships with over 100 technology partners. In addition, GLM has obtained certification from the Ministry of Transportation in Japan. GLM has already begun developing the next generation vehicle, and we are ramping up our lineup of products and global sales routes. GLM conducts research and development into new forms of vehicles and transportation that go beyond EV and automobiles.
GLM Ecosystem
GLM has built a network of direct alliances with over 100 first-class firms in cross sectors. GLM enables the development of flexible, economical, high quality, and attractive products.

The GLM Platforms

The GLM Platforms

We provide a packaged solution including chassis, power systems, and vehicle control units (VCU) drawn from our expertise in GLM downstream vehicles. We offer a platform providing this solution to third parties and allowing partners to utilize it in a range of contexts. This technical platform allows even organizations not structured as automobile manufacturers to develop EVs. GLM has a host of knowledge in achieving the chassis and power systems its partner needs and offers a wealth of packaging schemes to create a range of different driving styles. With our joint development infrastructure, we back up new players in their entry to the automotive sector.


Taking on challenges
others think impossible.
Amalgamating skills to achieve breakthroughs.
GLM is an open system for creation.


Representative director and president
Hiroyasu Koma
Tomohisa Tanaka
Sota Nagano
External director
Masamichi Ezaki
External director
Yoshikazu Tomita
External director
Keisuke Ide
External director
Takayuki Kiyomizu
External director
Hidekazu Emre Yuasa
Shigeru Kunimatsu
External auditor
Kazumi Matsushige
External auditor
Michimasa Naka
Engineering team
Engaged on design of underbodies at global OEM
Engaged on design of chassis, brakes, and suspension at global OEM
Engaged on compatibility of hybrid systems at global OEM
Engaged on design of inverters at 1st tier major automobile components manufacturer
Engaged on building control systems at major automobile components manufacturer
Engaged on vehicle development and licensing at low volume manufacturer
Engaged on design of batteries at automobile R&D firm
Creating exciting, never-before-seen experiences.
Hiroyasu Koma, representative director and president
GLM got its start with the Kyoto Electric Car Project, launched in 1996 by the Kyoto Venture Business Laboratory, famous for its open and free-thinking culture. While a graduate student, I became involved in the project and decided to commercialize it, launching GLM Co., Ltd. in 2010. We had worked on R&D and the commercialization of a range of electric vehicles, but the notion of an electric sports car captured our imagination. We were lucky enough to meet a manufacturer in Kyoto that had, for a limited time, produced a much talked-about sports car -- Tommykaira ZZ. We took on the concept and quickly set about developing it from scratch as a full electric car. In 2014, our dreams became reality, and we launched the first virsion of "ZZ". Its high performance, drawing on the fun handling of an electric car, won acclaim, ramping up the speed of GLM's business. We draw on our expertise and teamwork created during the development process and are partnering with other collaborating firms to break down barriers and create new and exciting experiences.
Representative director Hiroyasu Koma establishes GLM Co., Ltd.
GLM inherits the Tommykaira brand of sports car developed in Kyoto.
Established a Kyoto electric automobile development working group centered around major corporations in Kyoto.
Opened R&D center at Uji Venture Development Plant (former site of Nissan factory)
First venture company to obtained domestic licensing for an electric sports car
Unveiled the first design of"ZZ" and opened exhibition booth at Grand Front Osaka
Completed Series A round of funding for domestic VCs
Began delivering first release of"ZZ"
Exhibited at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015, one of the most prestigious motor sports events
Completed Series B round of funding for overseas funds, domestic VCs, and domestic and international corporations
Formed production partnership with Kosaka Metals Manufacturing in Maizuru, Kyoto