The EV sports car “G2J” that adopts GLM’s EV platform was announced by Apollo Future Mobility Group. The design was handled by Fortmarei, a company that collaborated with us.

We GLM Co., Ltd. provides various development know-how and technologies  for the engineering prototype EV sports car “G2J” which was announced by Apollo Future Mobility Group (AFMG) along with providing platforms. G2J  was developed in Germany by our group company Ideenion, and its design   was handled by Fortmarei Co., Ltd. which we collaborated with.
G2J has been in development for over two years.

Project summary of G2J

The G2J is a drivable engineering prototype, developed to perform advanced testing to refine and validate the key powertrain, connectivity and wider digital ecosystem technologies that will underpin AFMG’s future electric sports car products. The Research and Development process for G2J and all future Group EV sportscar products will be led from the company’s European R&D center in Germany and uses the GLM EV platform*. To fulfil its long-term commitment to building cars using the most advanced lightweight composite materials. The development program, therefore, incorporates advanced testing in carbon fiber construction, hinting at the future engineering direction for AFMG electric products.

GLM Platform Business

We GLM, which specializes in EV development, has accumulated a lot of knowledge and know-how related to EV since its establishment. Starting with our first model 2-seater sports EV “Tommykaira ZZ” (production and sales will end in June 2021), we will develop concept cars for companies planning to enter or expand in the EV-related field, and develop new technologies. There are a wide variety of prototype EVs produced for development and verification. At the core of these projects is our company’s main business, the “platform business.” Our company is centered on the “platform business” that provides car manufacturers and other companies with the platform, which is the heart of the car, development know-how, and cooperative relationships with automobile development-related companies and institutions. We fully provided our development know-how in the development of G2J, leading to the announcement of the engineering prototype by AFMG this time.

G2J Design

Design development began with the G2J’s design language set on a high-dimensional fusion of the sensual, organic beauty typical of high-performance cars and the geometric, high-tech details that reflect its engineering philosophy. The design just hints at the future design envisioned by AFMG, which inherits the DNA of the Apollo hypercar, but also ventures into the realm of everyday mobility.